We are a holistic wellness company dedicated to vibrant health for all beings

Our Approach

At our center, we are more than just our physical bodies and we are intricately connected to the world around us.  Our approach to healing starts with awakening to our connection with the natural world both within and without.  By listening to the wisdom that arises here, we can heal ourselves in harmony with nature.  Our mission is to bring real lasting health to the body and mind synchronized with the rythmns of the earth.




Our Specialties

We grow and sell organic medicinal herbs using both ancient and modern cultivation practices. We provide the space and the resources to help others develop an intimate connection to the earth, their inner ecosystem, and the vast world of herbalism. We also teach alternative ways of living, being, and healing in workshops, one-on-one consultations, and onsite trainings.


8 Weekends at the farm learning holistic herbalism through the lenses of Ayurveda and Astrology.

Medicinal Herb Farm

Located in the beautiful Saint Croix River Valley just south of Hudson, Wisconsin, Herban Ayurveda is home to over fifty species of organic medicinal herbs.  

Herb Farm Internship 

Gain hands-on experience cultivating medicinal herbs. Offered one day a week throughout the growing season. 

Fresh Herbs

For local Minneapolis and surrounding residents only, we offer weekly freshly harvested organically grown herbs. Sign up for our weekly email lists to get access.  

“When we allow ourselves to be fully present in the moment with compassion and understanding, deep healing takes place.  I hope to foster this kind of full attentiveness to each act of the business- whether that’s in the garden, teaching a class, or listening to a client.”

Anna Wiens


We Deliver to Minneapolis & Western Suburbs 

*Home deliveries and free drop sites available*