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Anna Wiens is a farmer, yogini, and traveler.  She started medicinal herb farming with Herb Pharm in Williams, Oregon in 2010, and since then has been part of an herbal collective in Vermont, managed an ayurvedic herb farm in Hawaii, traveled with an herbalist and healer in Mexico, and tended to herbal and vegetable gardens in California.  While learning about various growing climates, plant propagation techniques, and spiritual healing practices to increase soil fertility, Anna weeded out techniques that don’t work and enhanced the ones that do.  Since 2016, Anna has settled in Minnesota just south of the Twin Cities where she has teamed up with other organic farmers.

For Anna, farming is much more than what meets the eye.  Since she was 15 years old, Anna has had a daily meditation practice that has now integrated into living practice.  She’s lived in meditation centers in Vermont, Hawaii, and Minnesota, and has attended many extended silent meditation retreats. Her attention to and care for the plants, the earth, and the soil comes from a deep understanding of herself and her connection to the whole.

In addition to caretaking the plants, her meditation practice has also led to studies of Yoga & Ayurveda.  She received her Yoga Alliance 200 hour Yoga & Ayurveda Teacher Training from Myra Lewin in 2015, her Ayurvedic Health Counselor Certification from Kripalu in 2016, and her Advanced Yoga Studies Certificate from Tony Sanchez in 2016.

You can find Anna most days in the fields of Farmington, MN, tending to the plants alongside her farm dog, Vlad.  She also leads educational workshops focused around herbalism, ayurveda, and mindfulness throughout the Twin Cities and beyond. 
What Other's Say:
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"Anna is growing herbs in the most beautiful and heart felt way, and as a wise woman and soul"

"Her workshop was raved about and Anna is such a grounding energy"

"I feel so calm with just one or two drops of your chamomile tincture. I love it!"

​"Your herbs are the best that I've ever used/tasted"

" I LOVE the idea of supporting you and sourcing herbs that are grown and harvested locally"

"Thank you for the bountiful harvest!"

"Anna is one of the first organic growers of herbs in Minnesota.  I am so grateful for her magic!"

"Anna is so knowledgable.  I have a lot more to learn from her!"

 "I was in your class last week. I really enjoyed it, it was totally amazing, what you are doing is amazing!!! Thank you for all that you are doing!"

"I Love the Saint John's Wort oil! I've had an injury on my low back from quite awhile ago and just a few drops of the sjo really helped"

"The chickweed and cleavers are really helping with my psorisis"

 "I would love to see this magical land someday that produces such glorious bounty"