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Herbs for the Nervous System

Have you ever had a sip of Chamomile tea and felt your whole body release and let go of tension?  There are a handful of gentle but powerful herbs that can gently calm the nervous system and help with stress reduction. With the season shifting into fall, holiday season just vamping up, the school season in full swing, and with the stress of everyday life, the nervous system can be overloaded. In this class, we’ll talk and sample some herbal remedies that support nervous system health and stress reduction. 


Thursday 6:30-8:00pm Valley Natural Foods



Herbal Oils & Salve Making

Have you ever wondered if there are natural remedies for topical first aid?  In this class, we’ll talk about my top favorite herbs that are safe and effective natural remedies for common ailments such as cuts, bruises, sore muscles, bee stings, and sunburns. We’ll cover the healing benefits of each plant, how to infuse the plants into medicine, and we’ll create a family-friendly herbal salve (or topical skin remedy) for you to take home. 


Tuesday 6:30-8:00pm  Valley Natural Foods



Ayurvedic Self Care Rituals

From dry-brushing to tongue scraping to oil massaging, Ayurveda has a lot to offer for the stressed-out and and overbooked lifestyles.  In this class, we’ll cover some of the most simple and potent techniques that have been practiced for centuries around the globe. Theory, how-to instructions, and self-care tools to take home. 


Tuesday 6:30-8:00pm  Spot Spa Uptown



Herbalism 101

Found by the creekside, in your backyard, and growing in the cracks of the sidewalks, medicinal herbs are in abundance in Minnesota.  In this class, we’ll discuss how to integrate these common weeds and local medicinal herbs into your life for greater healing.  We’ll sample some tea, taste some herbal tinctures, and learn how to make simple herbal oils and salves. 


Tuesday 5:30-7:00pm  Mazopiya



Meditation & Stress Reduction

In the peak of summer, it’s easy to get swept away in the business of the season. The best way to balance the bustle is to slow down and relax.  Join us to learn simple meditations, cooling breathing exercises, and herbal stress management to calm the nervous system. 



Healing With The Five Senses

Part of the Sacred Earth Festival hosted by Land by Hand in Fairbault, MN.  With constant screen time, noise pollution, and our fast paced culture, we are conditioned to use to the senses to distract us from the present moment. In this experiential class, we’ll slow down, sit mindfully, and tap into the healing capacity of the five senses. 


Saturday All Day The Organic Compound

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Healing Through the Six Tastes

Have you ever started to sweat after eating a chili pepper? Or had your lips pucker after sucking on a lemon?  Whether you are using culinary herbs to spice your food, drinking herbal tea, or using food as medicine, this class is designed to help you learn how to identify each taste, it’s affect on the body, and how (and how not) to use it therapeutically. 

Staying Calm and Centered 

A class favorite! In this hands-on class, we will practice and learn simple tools to keep you calm and centered in the midst of chaos. We’ll sip on herbal tea, sample some calming herbs, practice breathing techniques and meditation, and learn about simple self-care tools you can incorporate into your hectic life.

Ayurvedic Self Care Rituals 

From dry-brushing to tongue scraping to oil massaging, Ayurveda has a lot to offer for our stressed out and unbalanced lifestyles.  In this class, we’ll cover some of the most simple and potent techniques that have been practiced for centuries around the globe. Theory, how-to instructions, and self-care tools to take home. 

Introduction to Meditation

Learn the basics of Meditation. Whether you are brand new to meditation or have been practicing for years, this class is for you! We’ll start off demystifying and clarifying common misconceptions about meditation and then we will learn and practice multiple different styles. One of our most popular and attended classes. 

Herbs, Teas, and Tonics

In this class, we will explore a variety of ways to integrate healing herbs into your life. Come and sample some tea, learn simple ways to use medicinal herbs in food, and taste some herbal tonics. Herbs supplied from our organic farm in Minnesota. 

Dinacharya: Daily Rhythms 

Ayurveda teaches us how to live in a constantly changing environment. By observing and aligning ourselves with the rhythms of nature, we can support the natural processes of our bodies and minds. We will discuss simple and time honored practices that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

Ritucharya: Seasonal Shifting

Just as each season changes from one to the next, our bodies go through changes throughout the year. Ayurveda, an ancient healing system from India, teaches us that in order to stay healthy, we need to adjust our diets and lifestyles to match that of the season. This class will be focusing on the transition into the winter (cold & flu season) and how to stay healthy and vibrant through simple daily practices.

Ayurveda for Digestion

Ayurveda understands that most diseases start with a weakened digestive system. Therefore, much of the medicine is focused on improving and strengthening Agni or the digestive fire. Walk away from this class with simple tools, practices, and eating habits that will improve your digestion and support a healthy, vibrant life.

Honoring your Menstruation

As women, our cyclical bleeding allows us to release what no longer serves us, detoxify our bodies, and realign our spirits with our purpose. In this workshop we’ll explore how to reconnect, heal, and nourish the womb space in all stages of the cycle.

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