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Medicinal Herb Farm
Herban Ayurveda's Farm is located in Castle Rock, MN, about 30 miles south of the Twin Cities.  The farm is home to more than 50 species of medicinal plants, most of which are native to the area. Nestled in 160 acres of certified organic farmland, we tend to the plants in accordance with the natural rhytms of nature.  We draw upon years of experience in biodynamic, permaculture, and vedically inspired methods to produce highy concentrated, vibrant plants while also improving the health of the ecocystem. 

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Educational Classes & Workshops
Classes and Workshops range from 1 hour classes to ongoing class series.  Topics are focused on Ayurveda, Herbalism, and Mindfulness.  Packed with information, these workshops are packed with information, inspiration, and hands-on experiences. Classes are held at various locations throughout the Twin Cities Metro Area. 

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Holistic & Ayurvedic Health Consultation
Offering one-on-one Holistic Health Counseling.  These counseling sessions are designed specifically for your needs.  A session usually includes an Ayurvedic assessment of the tongue, pulse, and astrological chart, and remedies that include dietary and herbal recommendations.  Often drawing upon yoga and ayurvedic philosophy, herbal wisdom, and a mindfulness practice, these sessions are designed to help support a balanced body, build a strong spiritual practice, and to help you realign with your life’s purpose.
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