Organic Medicinal Herb Farm

Herban Ayurveda’s Organic Farm is located 30 miles south of the Twin Cities.  Our 5 acres of land are nestled within 160 certified organic acres. We tend to the land drawing upon over ten years of experience in beyond organic gardening, biodynamic principals, permaculture, and vedic practices. 

The land is home to over fifty varieties of healing plants.  Some of the herbs are native to our area and others are species that originate from halfway around the world.  Being a small scale, hand harvest farm, we have the ability to closely monitor each species and only harvest each plant at it’s peak potency.  



All of our herbs are 100%

Organically Grown

We plant our seeds in accordance with the cycles of the moon, transplant in polycultures with companion planting, harvest mindfully by hand, and prepare according to ancient Ayurvedic methods.

Weekly Harvest

We are thrilled to be able to offer local herbalists, brewers, mamas, midwives, and herb lovers alike access to the highest quality freshly harvested herbs.  After many years of making medicine, we find that there is nothing like using fresh plants for products. Unlike dried herbs that may have been grown under different regulations in far off countries, harvested by oil fueled machines, and shipped using fossil fuels, these herbs come to you within 24 hours of harvest and are vibrant and strong. 

Fresh herbs have much higher prana, or life force, than their dried counterpart.  Each week we hand harvest roots, flowers, or leaves of the plants that are in their peak vibrancy. We offer these freshly harvested herbs to the local Minneapolis & Saint Paul (and surrounding metro) community. Try them for yourself! Sign up for our weekly emails for your chance to order. 

((For local residents only))

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From the weekly harvest email, select which herbs you’d like and in which quantities you’d like.  You’ll be prompted to pay online and to choose a pickup location.

Pick up at nearest location

Pickup at one of the three locations or schedule a home delivery. Make sure to double check the day/time of pickup location each week, as it may vary from week to week.

Pick up locations:

The Medicine Tree


Barn Site

The Medicine Tree

A locally owned herb shop. Deliveries usually on Fridays.


A locally owned health and wellness boutique. Deliveries usually on Wednesdays.

Home Site

Pick up location is right against the front of the big red barn on the corner of Blaine & 230th street.

*Home delivers are available for an extra charge. Fee depends upon distance and day of the week. Usually within $3-10 within the metro area.

Herb Farm Internship 

Are you looking to get your hands and feet in the soil? Want to foster a relationship with the land and the herbs?  Interested in having great conversations with other plant lovers?  Each season, from May-August we have 4-6 Interns on the Medicinal Herb Farm.

From sowing seeds to abundant harvests, you’ll get your hands in all aspects of organic medicinal herb farming.  We’ll share all that we are able to- from herbalism, to biodynamic principals, to ayurveda, to astrology, to beyond organic farming methods, to harvesting and preserving herbs.  The exchange is one day per week of your time.

The work is physically and mentally challenging but the reward is worth while.  We spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks, weeding, and harvesting one herb for long stretches of time. On harvest days, interns are highly encouraged to bring home a portion of the herbs to make into medicine and food.  Spend some time this summer with us fostering relationships with the land, the plants, and the budding herbalists of your community!

 *2020 Internship Applications will open December, 2019.  Internship location will be in River Falls, WI (45 minutes east of Minneapolis and 35 minutes from Saint Paul) on our newly acquired property.

“I learn so much with every trip. Thank you for maintaining a space for growth and healing.”


4-6 Interns per season

4-6 Interns per season

1 day/week

1 day/week

Excellent Hands-On Experience

Excellent Hands-On Experience

“I am so grateful to have had that opportunity and can’t wait to be able to come out there again.”

Chris (2018 Intern)

Biodynamics is not a movement that simply advocates a set of practices, standards, techniques, or even products that we think are the solution to the ecological crisis. Rather, we are a movement that in the first place seeks to awaken and nourish the inner freedom, fire, and creativity- and therefore the true dignity, the true vocation- of the farmer.

This awakening is the foundation of the food movement and is the wellspring, I would suggest, of a truly sustainable agriculture.

-Robert Karp
Excerpt from Stella Natura

Weekly Harvest

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