Organic Medicinal Herb Farm

Herban Ayurveda’s Organic Farm is located 30 miles east of the Twin Cities.  Our 5 acres of land have never seen any synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, or pesticides. We tend to the land drawing upon over ten years of experience in beyond organic gardening, biodynamic principals, permaculture, and vedic practices. Being a small scale, hand harvest farm, we have the ability to closely monitor each plant and take preventative measures to ensure that we never need to use any harsh insecticide or pesticides. 

Our vision is for the land to be a healing sanctuary.  Safe for endangered plants, pollinators, and humans alike.  A place where just being here soothes the mind and enlivens the senses. 



All of our herbs are 100%

Organically Grown

Fresh Harvests

**On hold for 2022**

We are thrilled to be able to offer local herbalists, brewers, mamas, midwives, herb sellers, and herb lovers alike access to the highest quality freshly harvested herbs.  After many years of making medicine, we find that there is nothing like using fresh plants for products. Unlike dried herbs that may have been grown under different regulations in far off countries, harvested by oil fueled machines, and shipped using fossil fuels, these herbs come to you within 24 hours of harvest and are vibrant and strong. 

Fresh herbs have much higher prana, or life force, than their dried counterpart.  Each week we hand harvest roots, flowers, or leaves of the plants that are in their peak vibrancy. We offer these freshly harvested herbs to the local Minneapolis & Saint Paul (and surrounding metro) community. Try them for yourself! Sign up for our weekly emails for your chance to order. 


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Herb Farm Internship

“I learn so much with every trip. Thank you for maintaining a space for growth and healing.”

“I am so grateful to have had the opportunity and can’t wait to be able to come out there again.”
Chris (2018 Intern)

Are you looking to get your hands and feet in the soil?  Want to foster a relationship with the land and plants?  Interested in having great conversations with other plant lovers?  Each season from May-September we have a small group of interns on the Medicinal Herb Farm.

The Internship starts in the late spring prepping the garden beds and transplanting seedlings into the ground. As June comes around the focus shifts to weeding and harvesting leaves and flowers for the weekly CSA. While we work, we talk about each plant, it’s uses, and how to prepare it for food and medicine. Interns are encouraged to take home part of the harvest to make into medicine and tea. At the end of the year, we have a medicine swap sharing with each other any extra medicine we’ve created throughout the year.

The internship is free of charge and is volunteer based.  As a thank you for your hard work, we offer 50% off of our AstroEarth program.

This internship is a great way to build your apothecary, expand your knowledge of medicinal plants, get more connected with the earth, learn holistic farming practices, and meet other plant and herb lovers. Feel free to reach out at with any questions! 

***We received an overwhelming amount of applications for the 2022 season and are so grateful for all the amazing humans who want to be part of this land and project.  Please check back this winter for 2023 season’s application.

1 day/week

1 day/week

3-4 Interns per season

3-4 Interns per season

Excellent Hands-On Experience

Excellent Hands-On Experience

“I knew it then, but even more now, that was one of the most joyful summers of my life.”
Charmagne (2019 Intern)

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